Kubernetes 1.9 Release Enhances Support for Cloud Native Infrastructure (and Windows!)

Kubernetes latest upcoming release, 1.9, has a release scheduled for December 13, 2017, and contains a number of improvements and expanded functionalities. Changes to the Workloads API aim to address stability concerns as it gets added to General Availability, the Kubernetes Windows beta moves forward, and the Storage Special Interest Group (SIG-Storage) works with the Container Storage Interface (CSI) Community to create a single interface for Kubernetes storage solutions all in this update.


Employee Spotlight: Matthew Philpot, Android Developer

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1. What do you do at Linux Academy?

I develop and maintain the Android app(s) for Linux Academy. I also work with students to debug issues they’re having their devices. Android Developer, resident Audiophile and SQL expert. Been here since March 1st, 2017

2. What did you do before this?

I worked for defense contractor called Apptricity. I was primarily responsible for developing/maintaining their current and next-gen android apps.

I graduated from UNT with a BS in Computer Science, and a minor in Technical Writing. My biggest reason for coming here was the culture and closeness to home. And so far I’m loving it

3. What do you like most about what you do?

Having (mostly) complete creative control over the development of the Android App. Nowhere else would it have so easily been accepted to switch over to Kotlin from Java for Android dev. (more…)

re:Invent Recap

re:Invent Session Recap: An Overview Major Sessions Attended By AWS Course Author, Trent Hayes

The course I am currently working on is AWS Security Essentials, so my focus with most of my sessions involved security and seeing what changes are coming to services and best practices.

Ken Beer, the General Manager of AWS Key Management Service gave a session about encryption in the AWS system. In addition to the traditional topic of using a key to encrypt data then encrypting that key for encrypting data at rest, he also mentioned services that assist with client-side encryption, like the new AWS Encryption SDK and the S3 Encryption Client, which allow for easier solutions for encrypting data in transit.

I also attended a session, given by Quint Van Deman, on credentials which attempted to break down the differences between long-term and short-term credentials, as well as federation. Also involved with this session was the topic of “planes of access” that need to be considered depending on how “managed” an AWS service is. For instance, EC2 instances in a VPC have much different requirements than DynamoDB or S3.

A session I found really intriguing was Becoming an IAM Ninja with Scott Ward and Patrick McDowell that really covered a more advanced level of best practices in AWS. A couple of the more advanced concepts covered grabbed my attention: Using AWS config to snapshot policies and track changes in policies and relationships – something I have never thought about doing. Also, using AWS Macie to use behavior analytics to find historical data patterns and react using CloudWatch and Lambda.  For example, if a user performs a task that Macie rates as high-risk, it can trigger a CloudWatch alarm that in turn triggers a Lambda function to effect that users access. I imagine this as being able to automatically place an explicit deny to remove all access if certain activities are attempted.

Overall, the week was informative. I also enjoyed meeting students and potential students in the booth. Thanks to all who stopped by!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

The Linux Academy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

This year has been a crazy ride for us at Linux Academy, and a quick glance back through our blog will tell you a lot about why. As we close in on the end of it, we reach one of the biggest events for technology addicts each year – Black Friday. At the end of this week, retailers everywhere are lowering prices on phones, tablets, and computers of all types. And if you’ve got a technology addiction like most of us do at Linux Academy, it’s your best chance to grab that new toy you’ve had your eye on.

Getting that brand new computer on Black Friday is always exciting, but chances are you want to use it to do something. Linux Academy is offering our biggest sale of the year this weekend, so you can start your cloud computing journey – or continue it – for just $150 for a one-year subscription.

The Linux Academy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

We’ve all gone to work and thought about how we’re going to get that next big raise or promotion. Some of us have even thought about how to get into a totally new career. We believe in high quality, affordable, hands-on training that makes your learning goals possible.

Since we introduced single sign-on, a one year subscription will get you access to both Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments. That’s two great learning platforms for the price of one, offering thousands of hours of training content on:

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Linux Administration
  • Containers (and not just Docker!)
  • A huge variety of DevOps tools and platforms

And that’s just to name a few.

What’s Included in a Subscription?

We believe that when you apply your skills in the real world, you should be able to think back to a time you used a given technology, not just a time you heard somebody talk about it. That’s why our training focuses on hands-on, real world scenarios. We provision live environments so you can use the tools you’re learning about. People learn best by doing, and that’s why we spin up real servers to test your skills.

We also have an active community with thousands of members and a full-time staff of experts to answer questions. Learning cloud computing isn’t always easy, and you’re probably going to get stuck once or twice – we want to make getting help as easy as possible.

The Linux Academy Black Friday sale is one of our biggest discounts ever, but it’s also one of our shortest. The sale begins this Friday, November 24th, and ends Monday, November 27th. The $150 yearlong subscription is for a limited time, and after Cyber Monday, prices will return to normal.

If you’ve ever thought about advancing in your current IT role, starting a new career in tech, or even just building some new skills, we’ve got the training to help you deploy your potential. On Thursday this week, we’ll be sitting around our Thanksgiving tables thinking of how thankful we are for our students. And this time next year, we hope you’ll be sitting around yours, thinking about how thankful you are for your latest promotion or raise.