Women in Tech: From A Woman Engineer’s Perspective – Join the Conversation

I’ve been an engineer in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years, and currently work as a Systems Engineer at F5 Networks.

How our students are changing the world

As we hustle towards preparing our biggest content launch in history, I thought it more important than ever to talk with the team about why we do what we do.

Amazon Web Services

How To Get Started with AWS Certifications

We’ve all heard that the AWS Certification is one of the highest paying certifications in IT.

Christmas in July: Over 150 New Ways to Train

It is our mission to support you in your mission to learn and grow, so we launched over 70 new Courses, Challenges, and Learning Activities in April (including hands-on labs, interactive diagrams, a new Practice Exams system, and more).

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 123

Celebrate student success with Linux Academy!


5 Study Tips for Passing your AWS Certification Exam

So you’ve decided to get AWS Certified… what’s your plan to get there?

Amazon Web Services

Landing the 6-Figure Salary

We interviewed Christian Rojas, AWS Cloud Infrastructure Consultant at Lemongrass Consulting, in December and caught up with him again recently (6 months later) to see how he’s been doing.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Certified Developer Associate Level Preparation Course

In April, we launched Linux Academy’s new AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level course!