Behind the Scenes

Texas Chili Cook-Off!

Our head office is in Keller, Texas — and what’s one of the things Texas is known for?


Is Kubernetes Serverless?

The Kubernetes Trend If you take a look at where the IT industry is going, you will start to see a trend: a layer of complexity added to the relationship between applications and infrastructure.

Linux Academy

AWS Sandbox Environments On Demand with Playground

Our Playground announcement mentioned the ability to launch AWS sandbox environments on demand.


Vulnerability Scanning – Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

As we continue down the path to successfully securing our infrastructure, we come to vulnerability scanning.


Everyday Regular Expressions

Nearly every programmer or systems administrator will use regular expressions at some point in their career; whether it’s as simple as changing a select bit of text in vim, or as advanced as validating detailed bits of information.


The New News on OpenShift 3.11

Greetings fellow OpenShift enthusiasts!


Configure a Failover Cluster with Pacemaker

High availability is a major buzzword in the IT industry and there are several reasons for this.


Get More From Chef By Extending It

For the second quarter in a row we’ve launched a Chef certification course, this latest time we launched Extending Chef Badge.


Security Awareness Training | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

Welcome back to the blog series dedicated to helping you secure your infrastructure in 2019.

Linux Academy

Introducing Playground: Even More Hands-On Training Features

I’m happy to announce that Playground is now available on Linux Academy!