Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

The Linux Academy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

This year has been a crazy ride for us at Linux Academy, and a quick glance back through our blog will tell you a lot about why. As we close in on the end of it, we reach one of the biggest events for technology addicts each year – Black Friday. At the end of this week, retailers everywhere are lowering prices on phones, tablets, and computers of all types. And if you’ve got a technology addiction like most of us do at Linux Academy, it’s your best chance to grab that new toy you’ve had your eye on.

Getting that brand new computer on Black Friday is always exciting, but chances are you want to use it to do something. Linux Academy is offering our biggest sale of the year this weekend, so you can start your cloud computing journey – or continue it – for just $150 for a one-year subscription.

The Linux Academy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

We’ve all gone to work and thought about how we’re going to get that next big raise or promotion. Some of us have even thought about how to get into a totally new career. We believe in high quality, affordable, hands-on training that makes your learning goals possible.

Since we introduced single sign-on, a one year subscription will get you access to both Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments. That’s two great learning platforms for the price of one, offering thousands of hours of training content on:

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Linux Administration
  • Containers (and not just Docker!)
  • A huge variety of DevOps tools and platforms

And that’s just to name a few.

What’s Included in a Subscription?

We believe that when you apply your skills in the real world, you should be able to think back to a time you used a given technology, not just a time you heard somebody talk about it. That’s why our training focuses on hands-on, real world scenarios. We provision live environments so you can use the tools you’re learning about. People learn best by doing, and that’s why we spin up real servers to test your skills.

We also have an active community with thousands of members and a full-time staff of experts to answer questions. Learning cloud computing isn’t always easy, and you’re probably going to get stuck once or twice – we want to make getting help as easy as possible.

The Linux Academy Black Friday sale is one of our biggest discounts ever, but it’s also one of our shortest. The sale begins this Friday, November 24th, and ends Monday, November 27th. The $150 yearlong subscription is for a limited time, and after Cyber Monday, prices will return to normal.

If you’ve ever thought about advancing in your current IT role, starting a new career in tech, or even just building some new skills, we’ve got the training to help you deploy your potential. On Thursday this week, we’ll be sitting around our Thanksgiving tables thinking of how thankful we are for our students. And this time next year, we hope you’ll be sitting around yours, thinking about how thankful you are for your latest promotion or raise.



AWS re:Invent 2017 Event Guide – Join Us There!

We’re now only 20 days out from one of the most renowned events of the year! You may have heard of it… AWS re:Invent? The largest gathering of the cloud computing community with over 40,000 people attending, 6 campuses, over 1000 technical sessions, hackathons, boot camps, more workshops, and opportunities to get certified. Tickets are selling fast, so get your ticket ASAP! If you can’t make it this year, you can register to view the keynotes each day here.

If you are attending, hopefully you made your schedule and RSVP’d for the popular sessions – they fill up fast. But don’t lose hope just yet! We’ve got an insider tip: if the sessions you want to attend are full, note that they only reserve up to 75% of the seats, so get there early and you may have a chance to be a walk-in.

Of course, that’s not our only tip. Here’s a full list of our recommended activities, hand-picked by our team, for creating unforgettable memories to make the most of your re:Invent experience!



Introducing Single Sign-on for Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments

Over the last few months, our engineering team has been hard at work on our new learning platform, Cloud Assessments. The coffee and Red Bull have been flowing freely, bugs have been getting crushed in record numbers, and we’re finally ready to share what our developers have been working on.

Beginning today, Monday, November 6th, both Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments will offer a new user service with single sign-on capabilities!

What does this mean for you?

Good news! If you’re already a Linux Academy user, you’ll now have access to two learning platforms instead of one. Linux Academy has been a leader in online cloud education for years, and Cloud Assessments is an exciting new addition to our training offerings. We believe that our users should have access to both, so we made it happen.

When you’re signed into Linux Academy, you’ll notice a new navigation bar at the top of your dashboard. This will allow you to switch seamlessly between our two services with the click of a button.

You’ll also have the option to connect to external accounts (including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon) to sign in everywhere with a single set of credentials. We’ve all been frustrated by password management at one point or another, and single sign-on will help make your life a bit simpler.

What do you need to do?

If you haven’t logged into your account in the past 45 days, you’ll be required to reset your password due to this new login service.

What you get with your Linux Academy account?

You’re probably familiar with all that Linux Academy has to offer. You’ll continue to get unlimited training with over 100 courses, thousands of hours of video content, and cloud servers so you can test your skills in the real world. In addition to that, you’ll get access to Cloud Assessments, our new service that launched earlier this year, too. Cloud Assessments takes training to the next level. You can embark on a Cloud Quest, a series of real world, scenario-based AWS Challenges, and pick up badges along the way to show your mastery in certain skills. Our learning engine grades your performance in real time and builds you a custom learning path to take, so that you don’t have to waste time re-learning concepts you already know. If you haven’t tried Cloud Assessments, single sign-on will make it easier than ever to get started.

What about the mobile apps?

All Android and iOS mobile app users will need to update their app to the latest version 2.4. After Monday, Nov 6, anyone using older versions of the app won’t be able to log in.

While we’re excited to continue delivering new features to our students. Some of those features, including better privacy and security for your account, require us to raise the minimum supported version of Android to KitKat (4.4).

The new single login service is just the latest improvement to our learning platform, and we’ve got a lot more great things coming soon. Our team has been working hard on both Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments in recent months, and this latest improvement will make it easier than ever to get the most out of both.

We’re excited to see how single sign-on will help our students reach the next stage of their learning journeys, and can’t wait to hear about how it’s helping you on yours.

Workplace Highlight: Office Trick or Treating 🎃

Happy Halloween to all from the Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments team! 👻

We can’t express to you enough how much we enjoy the holidays here. We don’t take spending time with loved ones and cherishing holiday traditions lightly…  So for Halloween, we invited criminals, creatures, and animals alike to join us in our office for festivities!

Random fact: The earliest known use of the phrase “trick or treat” dates back to 1934 when a newspaper in Portland, Oregon ran an article about how the local kids in town pulled numerous Halloween pranks. The phrase eventually showed up on greeting cards and by 1940s, it was widely used surrounding the holiday.