Configuring Apache and Installing WordPress On Linux EC2

If you’ve followed our Amazon Web Services screencasts then you are ready to install WordPress on your Linux server. First, we need to configure Apache2 to point to the correct root directory, download wget, check permissions on the server, create our MySQL databases, and finally install and run the WordPress configuration file. This screencast will help you solve issues you might come across along the way.



Write Your Own Cloud Based Backup With AWS And S3tools On OS X

This tutorial is going to walk you through creating your own backup cloud program. The concept and script are very simple, using Amazon Web Service and the S3Tools command line program, we are going to create a script that syncs files to our Amazon S3 bucket, allowing us to create our own backup cloud program. We’ll show you how to write the script and create the schedule task using iCal and AppleScript.



Ajax: Using $.Ajax() And .Click() jQuery Functions To Send Email With PHP

This screencast was created in response to a request from one of our Pinehead.tv viewers, and shows you how to create an extremely simple form that is driven by Ajax and PHP. We create an email and name field and pass the values of those inputs into a PHP file when a certain div tag is clicked. By using Ajax we are able to submit the form and send an email without the end user ever having to reload a webpage.