What Is jQuery Mobile?

jQuery Mobile is a software framework that allows you to create HTML5 and JavaScript based web applications with little need for software development experience. jQuery Mobile does the “heavy lifting” software development for you and allows you to immediately start developing web based applications with just a few lines of code. jQuery Mobile provides API integration into its software which gives greater control to you, the software developer, while building applications.

The Geek Cave: Update

I’m looking to replace the Star Trek poster with something more BSG. But as you can Tell I’ve added the “evolution of a cylon” resin models to the Battlestar Galactica Collection. Also added a new Battlestar Mug in the center as well.

Ten Things I Wish I Knew When Becoming A Linux Admin

Ten years ago I installed Linux for the very first time. To be exact, it was Slackware 7, the best distribution at the time in my opinion. Since then I’ve come to favor Debian Linux as my favorite version…at least for my Linux servers. I like to have a solid core system installed that I can build from scratch, but this is for another time. This article is for you new Linux admins; here are the ten things I wish I knew when starting my Linux admin journey.


Review: iPhone App TweetBot Impresses

Well, on twitter I posted about liking the new TweetBot iPhone app. I’m actually surprised by the several responses I received asking me why? So thanks to a nudge from @Femme_mal, I’ve decided to write a review of the app!

In summary, I like the app because of its UI and UX. I like how it gives you more detailed information about users, gives you simple access to tweet functions, and discovery of a user’s tweets, lists, replies, and more.


Create A Split Or Tablet View With jQuery Mobile And Media Queries

How do you make a split view in jQuery Mobile, much like the jQuery Mobile docs? Easy! In fact this screencast will walk you through the process of using CSS media queries to create a jQuery Mobile split view. Media Queries are useful when it comes to determining the layout of a site or app, and are used in responsive web design. They give you the ability to build one site or app for multiple screens at a single time and our jQuery site will show you how it’s done.


A Look At The Windows Server 2008 Interactive Install

Thanks to Pinehead.tv/community member jgrabrian for this screencast on the Windows 2008 Server Interactive Install. This screencast walks you through the basics of installing Windows Server 2008. This is for you if you have never installed Windows 2008 and are looking to learn more about Windows Server 2008. Evaluation editions of Windows 2008 Server are available at microsoft.com and allow you to follow these on your own machine if you’ve never done so.



Hack: Creating A Tablet Split View For jQuery Mobile

We are calling this screencast a hack because jQuery Mobile doesn’t have its own method to create a split view. The closest solution allows you to create grids, which is what we covered in this screencast. In this screencast we are going to look at the jquerymobile.com source and grab the CSS that is created on the jQuery Mobile Docs to create the split view. Of course, just as jQuery Mobile did, you can create your own CSS for your apps. However, we are going to just copy the source and implement into a simple app for a quick solution.