jQuery Mobile

What Is jQuery Mobile?

jQuery Mobile is a software framework that allows you to create HTML5 and JavaScript based web applications with little need for software development experience.


The Geek Cave: Update

I’m looking to replace the Star Trek poster with something more BSG.


Ten Things I Wish I Knew When Becoming A Linux Admin

Ten years ago I installed Linux for the very first time.


Review: iPhone App TweetBot Impresses

Well, on twitter I posted about liking the new TweetBot iPhone app.

jQuery Mobile

Create A Split Or Tablet View With jQuery Mobile And Media Queries

How do you make a split view in jQuery Mobile, much like the jQuery Mobile docs?


Support Pinehead: Buy A Coding Shirt!

They are here, that’s right, coding shirts.


A Look At The Windows Server 2008 Interactive Install

Thanks to Pinehead.tv/community member jgrabrian for this screencast on the Windows 2008 Server Interactive Install.

jQuery Mobile

Hack: Creating A Tablet Split View For jQuery Mobile

We are calling this screencast a hack because jQuery Mobile doesn’t have its own method to create a split view.


How To Value The $100B Facebook IPO

You must be living inside the GRID if you haven’t heard about the Facebook IPO.


Appcelerator SQLite Part 3: Adding Events & Passing Data With Tableview

In this screencast we will learn how to add event listeners to our appcelerator tableview.