Top Tools for Every System Administrator's Toolbox

As anyone who has worked in the Open Source World for some time, I have stocked my toolbox with a large number of common programs and utilities that help get the job done.

Elon Musk: Welcomed Anomaly of the Human Race

Elon Musk is no stranger to media coverage, but the media covers him quite strangely.


Linux Security – Server Hardening

One of the most common areas in Linux that gets overlooked during a production deployment is overall security.


Advantages Of Liquid Rocket Propellants

The thruster we will see in action on SpaceX’s next launch on March 1st will be the Draco.


Netstat: network analysis and troubleshooting, explained

The┬ánetstat┬ácommand gives you a set of tools to answer the question “What in blazes is going on on my network?” when things go wrong.


Ubuntu and Multiple Monitors – AMD Edition

There are several ways to end up with a satisfactory experience on the desktop with Ubuntu despite their recent confusion of the user interface.


Video Streaming On Linux: Getting Started

With the increases in bandwidth available to everyone, rich media services, and available information via the internet, video streaming is going to explode.