Introducing Linux Academy Enterprise!

You asked for in, and we have answered: Linux Academy Teams have gotten a whole new revamp, Linux Academy Enterprise!

As a Team Administrator, your new Manage Team dashboard will have a new look:


This new dashboard is designed to give you a snapshot of your team and their activities.  The Daily Activity graph shows the amount of lessons watched by your team, as well as the number of quizzes taken over the last 5 days.

You now also have a list of your users and have the ability to search for a specific user using the Search for a Member field.


More than just a make-over, Linux Academy Enterprise allows you to have smaller teams within your larger Team.  To do this, click the Organize Teams tab:


From here, you can click the Create Team button to had a new team.  You can create as many teams as you want, and they will be listed in the left-hand column.  By clicking teams in this list,  you can view the users within the team, or adjust the team settings.