Amazon Web Services

Amazon S3 Versioning: What, How, Why

How can you protect important assets and data when using Amazon S3?

Linux Academy

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 18

New courses and new passes are at the forefront of this week’s roundup.


Linux Academy Introduces Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam Preparation

Following on the heels of our popular Red Hat Certified System Administrator Certification Preparation course at Linux Academy, we are making available a new course covering the Red Hat Certified Engineer. Let’s talk a bit about some of what this covers.


RAID Explained

RAID, or a redundant array of independent disks, is a storage solution intended to improve some combination of fault tolerance, storage management, and performance.


Workstation Security

Most conversations regarding security inevitably focus on server or application security: How do I harden my server?

Linux Academy

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 17

As May winds up so are our student passes.


Git and GitHub

Last week we explored what version control meant, and how Git works behind the scenes, but how is it actually used on the user-end?


Anatomy of a File System

At the most general level, most people know what a file system is: A storage utility that stores the data of a server or computer.