Find Your Community in IRC

Historically, IRC has been one of the strongest and most active forms of online communication, featuring various networks and channels on a variety of topics.

Amazon Web Services

Passing the AWS Certified Developer Associate Level Exam

What should you know to pass the Certified Developer exam from Amazon Web Services?

Linux Academy

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 23

This week at Linux Academy we launched our new look, bettering showcasing our features and courses for prospective students.

Linux Academy

Linux Academy’s New Look

While we’ve been adding a lot of amazing features to our website for students, we did not want to forget about those still looking in from the outside — our potential users!

Linux Academy

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 22

Happy Friday from the Linux Academy.


A Vim Reference Guide

Vim is a powerful text editor favored by many sysadmins and developers.


Personal Security – Importing, Verifying and Signing PGP Keys

In our last article, we went over how to create keys that we can share with others.

Linux Academy

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 21

This week has featured some major releases from Linux Academy: From our new and improved flash cards system to the Library feature for searching and navigating through our tons of content, we’ve been working hard; and so have our students!

Linux Academy

Flash Cards and Social Systems

Not long ago, we released our flash card beta for the Linux Academy: Students could create flash cards to study from right on the website.


Git Terms: Explained

Git Terms: Explained Git is a tool shrouded in terminology and jargon, which can often be off-putting for new users, or those who know Git basics but want to become Git masters.