Refreshed: OpenStack Foundation’s Certified OpenStack Administrator COA

Our Course Author, Amy Marrich, just refreshed the OpenStack Foundation’s Certified OpenStack Administrator COA course! This new course is based on the latest version of the OpenStack Certification (Newton) and features a couple of more hands-on labs.

In this course, Amy discusses the different OpenStack services that are part of the certification: Dashboard, Identity Service, Image Service, Networking, Compute, Object Storage, Block Storage, and Orchestration.

The OpenStack Foundation has developed the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam which offers a career path based certification for OpenStack professionals. The exam is performance-based and will test the baseline skills of an OpenStack Administrator, a person with at least 6 months of OpenStack experience who provides day-to-day operations and management of an OpenStack cloud. Linux Academy offers an outstanding course that follows the objectives needed for the Certified OpenStack Administrator certification.

If you’re interested in mastering this course, we suggest to have these courses under your belt first:

Get started on your COA with this newly refreshed course and we’ll see you on the other side!

What to Expect When You’re Testing – Best Practices to Prepare for a Red Hat (or Any Other) Exam

Pretty frequently, we get students asking for tips on preparing for Red Hat exams in addition to completing Linux Academy courses and using Hands-on labs. No matter how long you study or how much time you dedicate to preparation, there’s always a lingering “what if?” in the back of your mind. Unfortunately, this is a feeling that will most likely stick with you throughout your career, but you don’t need to let those pre-test jitters get to you. If you study hard and keep your focus, passing your next exam will be a breeze – but studying isn’t the only way to prepare. Here are a few of my own suggestions for making sure that you’re at the top of your game in your next exam.


Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Results!

LinkedIn is quite possibly the most valuable tool in your arsenal when on the search for a new job. Recruiters use it daily to find the perfect match for the positions they have open. LinkedIn can provide a lot more information than other job sites out there, so it’s best to utilize it to your full potential! In this entry for the Linux Academy blog, I have outlined some tips that can really help your LinkedIn profile stand out among the competition!


Behind the scenes

Hi. I’m Kevin James.

No, I am not the actor.  I get that a lot though.  I am one of your course authors here at Linux Academy.

Let me say straight out, I love working in IT.  It has taken me around the world and allowed me to meet lots of great people and learn many new things.

I have been working in IT for a little over 30 years and I still love what I do.  It’s a field that continually changes over time and I feel just keeps getting better.  It’s a field that has allowed me to travel and work in other countries and meet lots of people and help companies grow and change over time.

When I first started, back as a student.  I learned how to create programs using cards and pencils (I am so glad that didn’t last long) and then moved to green screen terminals and computers with core memory.  My first computer system I worked with and learned on was a Digital PDP-11/70, which was at the school I attended to learn about computers.