Linux Academy and AWS Serve pair up to help nonprofits!

Announcement: Linux Academy and AWS Partnering to Serve the Nonprofit Community

We are so proud to announce a collaborative partnership with AWS to serve the nonprofit community! This partnership with AWS Serve will give nonprofit teams and individuals unlimited access to our entire library of cloud certification training content to facilitate cloud building skills for all levels:

  • More than 2,500 self-paced video courses
  • 209 total hours of AWS course training
  • 438 Linux training hours
  • 105 OpenStack training hours
  • More than 60 hands-on, scenario-based labs for AWS skill building
  • Live AWS lab servers for practicing newly-acquired skills
  • Quizzes, study guides, flash cards, study groups, and practice exams


Happy Birthday, OpenStack!

Happy 7th birthday, OpenStack!

Happy 7th birthday, OpenStack!

OpenStack officially celebrated it’s 7th anniversary on July 19, 2017! OpenStack is a robust, diverse, and community-driven powerhouse that supports everything from Database management (Trove) to DNS (Designate) to containers (Magnum), and more. Originating as a collaboration between Rackspace and NASA, in the past seven years, OpenStack has since fostered an open and supportive community, had fifteen major releases and has accepted over 244,438 changes made by nearly 7,000 contributors. According to the last OpenStack User Survey, OpenStack is being used in production for both public and private cloud infrastructure in industries ranging from retail to government and defense; the number of OpenStack deployments has grown by 44% this past year, alone!


Using Docker-Compose to Simplify Multi-Container Builds

One of the primary advantages of containers is the ability to quickly deploy a single, discrete application with a known configuration, fully supported within the container. However, as we all know, within our enterprise organizations, most applications do not run on their own – most have to connect to and use search services, databases, and more. Let’s take a look at how to build a multi-container environment, managed with a single utility in order to simplify your deployments. (more…)

Linux Academy is now on Chromecast!

Now Available: Chromecast Compatibility with Android App + Giveaway!

We have some fantastic news for our Android fans. You’ve been asking for it, and now we’ve delivered! We’re so excited to announce that the Linux Academy Android app is now available with Chromecast support. That’s right – simply download the latest update of the Linux Academy App and start casting your favorite course videos to your Chromecast enabled device! Now you can relax on the sofa with your favorite snack and enjoy hands-free learning!


Workplace Highlight: Chili Cook Off

What’s a company based in Texas without CHILI? Pair that with a little bit of competition and there we have it – Linux Academy’s first Chili Cook Off! We had six amazing chili recipes to taste, lots of condiments, desserts, and a hungry team – hungry for chili and thirsty for knowledge! (more…)

Congratulations! You’re Certified – Now What?

Starting a new career can be overwhelming. Becoming certified in your field of expertise is a great start, but where do you go from here? There is an overload of information on resumes, interviews, and general career advice within a specialized industry like technology, and you need to be able to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Here are some tips to help you on your career journey. (more…)