Scoot Your Boots Down to Texas Linux Fest!

We are proud to support the Linux and Open Source community by sponsoring the Texas Linux Fest this year!


What We Learned at ChefConf

This morning, ChefConf kicked off with a daunting three-hour keynote.

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 120

Celebrate student success with Linux Academy!

Security Content On the Way!

Today we are so excited to be announcing a new content training pillar at Linux Academy … Security! With more and more organizations leveraging the cloud to supercharge their business, making sure you are secure in the cloud is more important than ever!

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 119

Celebrate student success with Linux Academy!

Amazon Web Services

Deploying Lambda Functions from Cloud9

Lambda functions are one of the most powerful parts of the AWS ecosystem.

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 118

Celebrate student success with Linux Academy + Cloud Assessments.

Amazon Web Services

How to Master AWS VPCs

AWS VPCs (Virtual Private Clouds) are one of the main building blocks of AWS systems.


See ya’ll at ChefConf 2018!

ChefConf is approaching – we’re just a couple of weeks away!


Update: Azure Content for 2018

We posted earlier this year about our content creation process for Microsoft Azure certification content.