The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level exam is very popular because it acts as a starting point for those looking to dive into the world of AWS certifications. With the widest breadth of AWS services coverage, the AWS CSA-A exam focuses on testing technical expertise around the following:

  • Designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on the AWS platform
  • Understanding many of the most popular AWS services and tools in order to leverage their use and understand costs
  • Understanding AWS best architectural practices
  • Understanding AWS best security practices
  • Knowledge of migrating existing on-premises applications to AWS

Venture on a journey to becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and prepare yourself for the AWS CSA-A exam with 8 Challenges. Find out if you’re ready to take the exam, fill in your knowledge gaps, and gain the real-world experience needed to gain your certification.

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AWS CSA-A Exam- High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Scalability

1. High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Scalability

  • Practice your Amazon EC2, Auto Scaling, Amazon S3, CloudWatch skills and more in this challenge.
  • Demonstrate your ability to implement a highly available cloud solution, design fault tolerance in the application, design scalable systems, and create and use Amazon Machine Images.
  • Showcase your AWS skills by implementing variable capacity and application requirements.



AWS CSA-A Exam- VPC and VPC Networking

2. VPC and VPC Networking

  • Master your Amazon VPC skills and build a real-world scenario by configuring a VPC, Subnets, and VPC Networking in this challenge.
  • Identify and configure a NAT Gateway, create public and private subnets, configure subnet networking using given requirements, and more!


AWS CSA-A Exam- Design and Implement S3 Solutions

3. Design and Implement S3 Solutions

  • Prove your ability to use many of Amazon S3’s most important features.
  • Create required folders in an S3 bucket, with versioning and the required lifecycle rules.
  • Make a static landing page using existing HTML documents in an S3 bucket, and modify permission on objects according to requirements.


AWS CSA-A Exam- Troubleshoot Multi-Tier Applications

4. Troubleshoot Multi-Tier Applications

  • Practice your Amazon VPC, Auto Scaling, Application ELB, and RDS skills in this challenge!
  • Identify and troubleshoot VPC networking and high availability issues.
  • Provision database capacity based on requirements, and demonstrate your ability to create and configure RDS instance.


AWS CSA-A Exam-Implement Elastic Beanstalk Solutions

5. Implement Elastic Beanstalk Solutions

  • Gain an edge in a competitive industry by validating your Elastic Beanstalk knowledge in this challenge.
  • Demonstrate your ability to set instance size, provision load balancer, create Auto Scaling Group, and set application platform.
  • Create a VPC, assign a VPC security group and assign a public IP address.
  • Test your skills in these real-world scenarios to make sure you’re 100% prepared for your certification exam.



AWS CSA-A Exam-Implementing Backup Strategies

6. Implementing Backup Strategies

  • Showcase your ability to implement backup strategies in this AWS CSA-A Challenge. By creating a backup strategy for an EC2 application and testing a backup strategy, you’ll practice your Amazon EC2, CloudWatch, and Linux skills.
  • Build out your skills portfolio while preparing for your exam!


AWS CSA-A Exam-EFS Storage Solutions

7. EFS Storage Solutions

  • Learn to share storage between instances in this challenge.
  • Create an encrypted, scalable, elastic file storage solution using AWS resources, and discern which VPC and subnets from which to deploy this solution.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the EFS service by implementing a shared file storage solution across multiple instances.


AWS CSA-A Exam- Content and Media Delivery

8. Content and Media Delivery

  • Master your CloudFront, Classic ELB and Route 53 skills in this challenge.
  • Learn to create multiple origins for a CloudFront distribution, ensure your content is quickly available to users anywhere in the world, create a reliable network for serving static content, and serve content from multiple sources via a single domain.
  • Configure a domain name using Amazon Route 53, allow users to access your content using a human-readable domain, and configure health checks to ensure your content is accessible.

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