I’m excited to announce that my Fullstack Serverless Applications on AWS course is now live on Linux Academy.

People who enroll in this course can expect to review some basic concepts related to serverless applications before diving into six hands-on labs, a bunch of supplementary videos, and several quizzes that will help give context and solidify your understanding of how and why we might build a serverless application.

In the course, you’ll be making a serverless application for Prometheon Music to use to help manage their music rating system.

You’ll be exposed to every part of the application, including:

  • The static website frontend that we host on AWS S3
  • The AWS API Gateway resources and methods we rely on to integrate with our static site
  • The AWS Lambda functions we create to take CRUD actions on our data
  • The DynamoDB table that we use to store our application’s data

The full syllabus is listed on the course page, and you can also watch a video describing the full application we’ll build.

Here’s a sneak peek:

I’m super excited to bring you an in-depth look at how you can use AWS services to build your own serverless applications. I hope you’ll join me in building your own Fullstack Serverless Application on AWS!

Fernando Medina Corey
Serverless Course Author

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