Introducing New Azure Hands-On Labs

At Linux Academy, we have the most extensive learn-by-doing library of cloud training and the largest on-staff training team in the e-learning market.

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The Month of July: Monthly Update 7-1-2019

Welcome to the first Weekly Update of July and the overview for the month We’ve got a lot coming up, so make sure to keep an eye out so that you don’t miss a thing.


Auto-Accept: New Business Feature

When we launched the Linux Academy for Business platform, we had it set up where you had to accept a request to allow someone to join your organization(no auto-accept).

Linux Academy

Weekly Update 6-17-2019: All About Ansible

Whether you’re building an application, or you’re running complex infrastructure for a large corporation, you’ll eventually encounter repetitive tasks that need to be completed again and again.

Linux Academy

Weekly Update 6-10-2019: What are Databases?

This week, we’re all about databases; what they are, the different types of databases, and how to install them.


Announcing Instant Hands-On Labs for Google Cloud

Nothing gives us more joy than announcing new features and enhancements that add to the learning experience.

Linux Academy

Weekly Update 6-3-2019

Last week we talked about our brand new hands-on labs interface and new courses that we released.

Linux Academy

Weekly Update 5-28-2019

This week we’ve got two new courses, a bunch of hands-on labs, and an update to the user experience for our hands-on labs.


Search. Learn. Do: Linux Academy Has a Lab for That.

Linux Academy provides you with a broad array of detailed courses that cover almost every possible subject.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Now Available In Linux Academy Cloud Playground

Linux Academy is happy to announce that the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Distribution is available in the Linux Academy Cloud Playground.