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Changing MySQL User Password

Alright, so you’ve created a new MySQL Database, you’ve added a user, even granted permissions to the user. Yet, that user forgot the password to their MySQL user account. How do you change the user’s password? There are several ways to do this, one of which we can do without even entering the MySQL command console. This quick tutorial will show you three separate ways to change a MySQL user password



How To Use jQuery Mobile Panels

jQuery Mobile 1.3 has a great new feature called panels. Panels are very common in native iOS applications and most commonly seen on YouTube and Facebook apps. jQuery Mobile panels are extremely simple to use but there are a few things to be remembered when working with panels. Follow along below, or watch the video to learn how to use jQuery Mobile panels.


New Linux Academy Course: Introduction To Bash Scripting And Linux Automation

It’s here! The long awaited and much requested Introduction To Bash Scripting And Linux Automation course. This course is at the 101 level and is very much geared towards anybody who has never done any bash scripting. We cover the basics, how to run scripts, conditions in bash scripting, loops in bash scripting, accepting user input, creating interactive scripts, practice examples, writing bash scripts that communicate with MySQL, and a little bit more. This is our first course that is “open ended” meaning if there is an “example” script that you would like a lesson for, the Linux Academy will add on to it!

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Configuring A Fresh Install Of MySQL On CentOS: Start Service, Set Password, Set Runlevels

On some distributions, MySQL is installed without asking you to set the default root password for the MySQL server. If you’re running Debian or Ubuntu, the MySQL install will prompt you to create your password. However, some distributions such as CentOS aren’t as friendly. When MySQL is first installed on CentOS, it finishes without any user interaction. In fact, it finishes without a set root password, without starting the MySQL service, and without configuring the MySQL service to start on system reboot/boot.

Linux In The Cloud: Windows Azure vs. Amazon Web Services

Until recently, the most viable cloud option for Linux virtual servers has been Amazon Web Services. But in mid 2012, Microsoft launched Linux Virtual Servers on Windows Azure. If you don’t know already, Windows Azure is a cloud platform for hosting back-end content for apps and traditional Windows Server, SQL Server, and now Linux and other open source database servers. Microsoft has come a long way with its support for open source and Linux. Given that, I set out on a mission to review and compare these services to Amazon. I’ll be honest up-front–when I set out on this mission I was completely biased towards Amazon, and I was surprised by what I found.


Cleaning JavaScript Malware On Your Linux Server (Removing Javascript Between Two Points)

Let’s face it, either this exploit is awesome or your server isn’t as secure as it should be. Somehow, a JavaScript exploit made its way into your system, infected hundreds of JavaScript files, and is making your life a living nightmare  What’s worse is that your backups are also infected, so you have no choice but to clean this exploit by hand. Quick, throw on a pot or 5 of coffee and hunker down to clean this exploit, or at least that is what less experienced Linux hackers would do. You, however, are a smart Linux hacker and you know that all you really need is a few commands to clean every single JavaScript file on your system. Listening now?


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2012 Has Been One Big Year For Linux!

2012 has turned out to be a year of epic world ending proportions for Linux. I mean it seemed like the end of the world when Microsoft announced support on Windows Azure for Linux. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’ve missed out. Really, Linux has made some huge strides this year and a few “old” milestones and this year of Mayan proportions also marks some milestones for! Curious what you’ve missed over the year?

Here’s your epic year of events for Linux, not in any specific order of course.



How To Fix Your iPhone 5 Battery – Really

When the iPhone 5 was launched, the phone was supposed to be bigger and have a longer lasting battery. But, that’s not exactly what happened. My phone, for instance, has done nothing but drain the battery. I’d notice the battery being dead after only 4 hours of usage, and according to Apple, that shouldn’t be the case. I set out on an adventure to try and solve my iPhone 5 battery issues.



How Apple Maps Spurred Innovation On iOS… For Google

It’s a cutthroat, dog-eat-dog world in the realm of the smart phone. Microsoft has declared war on all smart phones and the bitter battle between Android and iOS fanboys is certainly not declining. Flame wars, cyber bulling, and every other possible online confrontation seems to take place when talking about phone operating systems. It’s a rare win when we can objectivity look at several events and identify innovation that came from a feud.