How To Hedge Against Amazon Web Services RDS Outages

If you’re familiar with Amazon Web Services, then you know that it is supposed to have enough redundancy at Amazon’s data centers to protect against such an issue.


Linux Game Programming Tutorial 2: Texture Quads / 2D Images

Most of you will be happy with starting out making 2D games, others would want to jump right in to 3D.


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Solution: Resetting your screen resolution with xrandr

I recently discovered a very useful tool: xrandr.


Introduction: Using diff and patch

The commands diff and patch form a powerful combination.


Wil Wheaton

A quick note about Linux: I love it, and I find it very easy to use.


AMD's Hondo Tablet Chip Gets Linux Support

Linux hasn’t seen much love from chip makers and Intel has recently announced that their Clover Trail tablet chip will not support Linux machines.


How To Host Your DNS With Amazon Route 53

Learn how to host your DNS with Amazon Route 53.


Troubleshooting ./configure, make and make install Tutorial

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SSH and SCP: Howto, tips & tricks

This tutorial is about SSH and SCP.