Detecting And Working With Orientation Change Gestures In Appcelerator Titanium

In this screencast we will take a look at how to use the Titanium Gesture API to detect and determine the orientation of an iOS device.


Private Space Company SpaceX Makes Available Video Of Its First Successful Flight

After several failed attempts, this year marks the first successful flight to the international space station for any private space company, including SpaceX themselves.


8 Tuts To Teach You Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is awesome because it allows a web designer to design for any screen size including, but not limited to, mobile, tablet, TV, computer and the 400 different tablet/mobile screen sizes.


Simple Commands & Shortcuts For The Linux Shell & OS X Terminal

This lesson from the Linux Academy will teach you a few simple, useful commands to help you while working and navigating the Linux shell.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile For Newbies Interactive Webinar Saturday August 18th is hosting a jQuery Mobile For Newbies seminar on August 18, 2012, 10am central time.


Why Firefox Mobile OS Is An Actual Game Changer

The Mozilla Foundation today announced plans to release a new mobile OS in the next couple of years.


How To Add AdMob To your Appcelerator App

In this screencast we are going to look at how to monetize our native iPhone or Android applications by using ads or more specifically AdMob.


Understanding How PhoneGap & Appcelerator Apps Communicate With A Web Server

There is a rather large difference between a jQuery Mobile (or HTML5, appMobi, sencha etc) web app and using those same technologies in PhoneGap to create a native app.


Appcelerator: Setting Up Your IOS Developer Profile To Test & Submit Your App

In order to submit your PhoneGap, Appcelerator, or even objective-c app to the app store you need to go through a verification process that identifies you are the owner of that app.


Learn Linux | Lesson: Vi Commands and Usage

This Vi tut and reference is one of the lessons available in the Linux Academy as part of the course “Working with vi”.