Resizing Root Partition on Linux in Amazon EC2

Changing the partition size for a root partition or any other partition is just a little bit different when you’re working in the cloud.


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This lesson will walk you through user management.


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When should you disable root login?

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile Development Guide

jQuery Mobile has rocked the web with an easy way of quickly developing mobile applications.

Linux | Learn Linux

Linux Academy provides interactive step by step video courses that will take a newbie to professional over the next several months.  The Academy starts out with an introduction to the Linux server and builds from there.  The Linux Academy allows you to interact with a real Linux lab environment, giving you the ability to play, […]


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There are a few things you need to always remember when setting up a new Linux server.


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S3cmd is a program that allows you to backup your Linux box to Amazon S3.


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It’s simple: you need to learn Linux.


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