New Courses To Help You Learn Linux At

It took some work but we’ve added new content to The Linux Academy.


How To Change Your Mac OS X Computer Name

Changing the computer name in OSX is really simple.


Learn Linux | Understanding Debian Based Package Management Tools

Debian based distributions come with several tools that make managing packages extremely easy.


Introduction To PhoneGap + IOS

PhoneGap is a wrapper type application that allows you to package HTML5/CSS3 Web Apps inside of a native app.

Web Development

4 JavaScript Frameworks You Need To Start Using Today

The web has quickly moved from fancy websites running strictly on HTML and a server side programming language, to dynamic web applications whose front ends run on JavaScript.


Tip: Apple Airplay And HTML5 Video Tag

HTML5 has been evolving super fast.


Resizing Root Partition on Linux in Amazon EC2

Changing the partition size for a root partition or any other partition is just a little bit different when you’re working in the cloud.


Linux Academy Lesson: Basic User Management For Fresh Images/Server Installs

This lesson and the entire course “Introduction To The Linux Server” is available free at


When You Should Disable Root Login…Or Not

When should you disable root login?


jQuery Mobile Development Guide

jQuery Mobile has rocked the web with an easy way of quickly developing mobile applications.