Linux Academy Lesson: Basic User Management For Fresh Images/Server Installs

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In this lesson we are going to go over the basics of user management on our instance. First we want to change the “user” password, change the “root” password and add yourself a personal user. You will learn why you should do all of these things and how to do them. If you have never used Linux then this lesson is for you. We are going to start with the basic concepts and explain why or why not to do these tasks.


When You Should Disable Root Login…Or Not

When should you disable root login? Disabling root login is a super easy trick to increase security on your machine. Let’s take a look at why and when you should disable the root login and also when it’s OK to keep root login enabled. Root or administrator users are the default users on almost all systems. By their name, we know that they have all privileges on the machine and control everything. In previous articles I’ve suggested several times that disabling root login and created root privilege users is a good security practice but in realty you don’t always have to do this. Let’s first look at when it is best practice to disable root login.

jQuery Mobile Development Guide

jQuery Mobile has rocked the web with an easy way of quickly developing mobile applications. Not just mobile web apps but using PhoneGap you can build native applications that can be downloaded in the available app stores. jQuery Mobile can be as flexible as you want it to be, but out of the box it’s built to quickly launch your applications with pre-built design templates or using the jQuery Mobile theme roller.

Below is a detailed plan that will help you learn jQuery Mobile and all the possibilities. Use it as a reference guide when your looking to figure something out or trying to determine if there is something you can do in jQuery Mobile. If your looking for a tut that is not here, please request it in the comments and we’ll look into making it.

(more…) | Learn Linux

Linux Academy provides interactive step by step video courses that will take a newbie to professional over the next several months.  The Academy starts out with an introduction to the Linux server and builds from there.  The Linux Academy allows you to interact with a real Linux lab environment, giving you the ability to play, learn, and follow lessons on actual Linux servers. You could boot up your server, start following a lesson (or just play for fun) and delete the file system.  It takes nothing more than two clicks to delete your server and re-build one from scratch.  As a result, anyone in the IT field can learn to manage or interact with Linux servers. Go to the Linux Academy

Are you interested in learning Linux at the Linux Academy? You might be wondering what you will learn at the Linux Academy. Below is an outline of the available courses coming to the Linux Academy. Ready to start learning Linux? Head to the Linux Academy!

Simple Security Tricks To Harden A New Linux Web Server

There are a few things you need to always remember when setting up a new Linux server. By default the root login is enabled for most systems. The best practice is to disable root login. Also, if you are transferring files via FTP, the best way to do this securely is via SFTP (not FTP). The quick difference is that FTP sends passwords/data in plain text versus encrypted text in SFTP. Let’s take a look at how to solve these issues and harden a Linux server.

How to Backup Linux to Amazon S3 Using s3cmd

S3cmd is a program that allows you to backup your Linux box to Amazon S3. Amazon S3 allows you basically unlimited storage and, as long as you have the bandwidth, you can use it from any location. There are two options in a backup that you can use: you can either copy all the files over to an S3 bucket (called put) or you can use the sync command to sync file changes on a regular basis.


Introducing The Linux Academy!

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Watch the introduction video.

What Is jQuery Mobile?

jQuery Mobile is a software framework that allows you to create HTML5 and JavaScript based web applications with little need for software development experience. jQuery Mobile does the “heavy lifting” software development for you and allows you to immediately start developing web based applications with just a few lines of code. jQuery Mobile provides API integration into its software which gives greater control to you, the software developer, while building applications.

The Geek Cave: Update

I’m looking to replace the Star Trek poster with something more BSG. But as you can Tell I’ve added the “evolution of a cylon” resin models to the Battlestar Galactica Collection. Also added a new Battlestar Mug in the center as well.