Say hello to our new Practice Exams system!

Practice exams are a feature we’ve offered for years and has quickly become one of our most popular features alongside hands-on labs — after all, it makes sense to take a simulated exam before going for the real exam to check whether you’re prepared or not.

Amazon Web Services

An Introduction to Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Let’s start with an important question: What is Elastic Beanstalk?

116 Hands-on Labs and Counting

Learning skills which can be used in the real world requires more than simply watching videos — it also requires practicing hands-on.

Amazon Web Services

Understand Lifecycle Hooks

When it comes to using Auto Scaling for your application, a common question is “How can we configure an instance with our application and its dependencies, and make it ready to serve traffic?” To answer this question, we can turn to lifecycle hooks.

Amazon Web Services

How to Build IAM Policies in AWS

IAM policies are imperative when setting up permissions for your Amazon Web Services resources.

Amazon Web Services

Passing the AWS Certified Developer Associate Level Exam

What should you know to pass the Certified Developer exam from Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services

Amazon S3 Versioning: What, How, Why

How can you protect important assets and data when using Amazon S3?

Amazon Web Services

AWS Lambda Deep Dive Quizzes

As some of you may have noticed, we recently released the AWS Lambda Deep Dive course.

Amazon Web Services

A Quick Guide to DynamoDB Secondary Indexes

When you create tables in DynamoDB, you must specify primary key attributes.

Amazon Web Services

Serverless Architecture

When people aren’t talking about Docker and containers, they’re usually talking about serverless architecture — code that runs without servers.