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Boot Loaders

What happens when you turn on a computer system? At the most basic level, we know that the computer’s components power on, and the operating system “boots up” so users have a way of interacting with the systems – whether that is to play games, run a web server, set up in-depth applications or otherwise. But how does a computer know what to boot? If a processor pulls data from the system’s memory, how can it work with a freshly booted computer that does not have any processes within its memory stores? For this, the computer uses a boot loader, which is a small amount of code designed to prepare the system and then pass it to the more complex kernel, which in turn manages the operating system itself. (more…)

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Development Artifacts

In it’s most generalized definition, developer artifacts are any of the “byproducts” of the project development cycle, from initial planning documentation to the compiled software itself. Having a collection of artifacts works as a roadmap, allowing maintainers to go back and explore the project in all its phases. High value artifacts also provide end-users and product maintainers with information on how to work or manage the product. (more…)