Behind the scenes

Improving the Linux Academy Experience

In our first behind the scenes feature, UX/UI designer John Bryan discusses his passion for user experience and how he’s applying it to Linux Academy.

My first job working with computers right out of college was pretty awesome. I was working in Technical Support for a small software company, telling old ladies how to find the spacebar and walking users through the simplest tasks imaginable. Not the dream job that college students imagine while sitting in class — being out in San Francisco, pushing the boundaries of tech in a small startup, making a ton of cash, and having a super interesting personal life. But I came away with something valuable from this time. I began to understand truly what a user’s experience was: Everything from how a user interacts with a piece of machinery to how they interact with software user interfaces. I began to recognize the value of things that were “user-friendly” and started looking for ways I could improve the experience of the people I spoke to every day. This is what kicked off my career in User Experience and User Interface design. (more…)