Managing your pictures in Ubuntu

Ah, the holidays.  For me, the holidays are about getting stuff: getting fat, getting happy and getting lots of good pictures of your adorable nieces and nephews to embarrass them with when they become teenagers.  But now that you’re on Ubuntu, what program should you use to manage the evidence pictures?    Well, here is my review of some of the more popular (and free!) offerings available to Ubuntu users.


Ubuntu (logo)

Managing your Music Collection in Ubuntu

When I was but a young lil nerdling in middle school & high school, I was ripped. No, I wasn’t born that way. I didn’t work out. I wasn’t a jock. I was a music fan.

If you don’t see the connection, well, you obviously didn’t grow up in the 1990’s. Back then, anyone who cared about music more than listening to the radio probably carried around a CD case with all their favorite tunes, and I was indeed a greedy little n00blet and brought my massive CD collection everywhere with me, because you never knew when your Kill ’em All disc would come in handy (which for me was practically every day…stupid school bus).


Newbie Guide to Installing Linux as a Virtual Machine

This is a guide for installing a virtual copy of Linux and is intended for people who have NO idea what they are doing. Prior to writing this guide, I had absolutely no experience with Linux. As I went on this journey, I took notes so that I may spread my wisdom to others and soften the learning curve a bit. There are a few other guides out there for doing and install like this, but they are all really old and a lot has changed since then. Hopefully this guide will save you a lot of the headache and troubles that I went through.