Open Source News Roundup — Weekend Edition


Adobe fixed a vulnerability in its Flash software; this newly discovered exploit affected not only Windows but Mac and Linux as well. Make sure you’re checking for updates.

Ubuntu (logo)The 2012 Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS 2012) wrapped up on Friday, May 11th. Reports from the summit are slowly filtering on to the internet; apparently the Ubuntu folks are focused on doing rather than talking, since less than 100 unique reports have appeared in news streams.

While presenting at UDS 2012, Electronic Arts (EA) announced release of two web-based games for Ubuntu–Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances and Lord of Ultima–at the developers’ summit. It’d be nice if EA told the rest of the world; so far the company hasn’t issued a press release.

Speaking at UDS 2012, Chris Kenyon, VP of Canonical Ltd., said 5% of all new PCs will ship pre-loaded with Ubuntu. No wonder Dell feels some pressure to create a Linux-based developer laptop.

Uh-oh. Keep an eye on this: Ubuntu may have forked the Gnome Control Center, according to a developer at UDS 2012. Others say it’s more of a patch than a fork. Will there be any conflicts in the future about Ubuntu’s direction on Control Center? (more…)

Open Source News Roundup


Dude, you’re getting a Dell! Well, maybe–if you’re an open source software developer. Looks like Dell took to heart feedback from the open source community, an began an experiment in which Ubuntu’s 12.04 operating system will be featured on a Dell’s XPS13 Ultrabook. Dell’s commitment to Ubuntu-loaded machines has been problematic—“spotty” is too generous a word since Dell doesn’t currently offer a pre-loaded system at its own Ubuntu page. ( actually redirects to a generic Dell product page). A real commitment to Ubuntu as an operating system will take more than pre-loaded software, as Ars Technica notes; this exploratory project could be finally represent the beginning of something big in open source for commitment-phobic Dell.