The Great 200+ Giveaway

So much is happening at Linux Academy (we’ve been busy)!


Halloween at Linux Academy

We put our students’ futures first… and Halloween second!

Happy Birthday Ubuntu!

Happy 14th Birthday to Ubuntu!

Pumpkin Carving Contest #JackOLinux

Take a break from all that training you’ve been doing, and get out your pumpkin carving tools!


Celebrating ‘The Great Rewrite’ With Our Developers

Our development team has been hard at work for months now on ‘The Great Rewrite.’ Our very talented and dedicated developers have taken the features our students know and love (flashcards, study groups, learning paths, etc) and made them even more efficient and effective for future growth.


Top 5 Soft Skills Every Tech Professional Should Have

Most of us can agree that there is a tech skills gap, but what about a soft skills gap?