Linux Academy

Security Content On the Way!

Today we are so excited to be announcing a new content training pillar at Linux Academy … Security! With more and more organizations leveraging the cloud to supercharge their business, making sure you are secure in the cloud is more important than ever!


CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Cloud Essentials is a basic certification through CompTIA.


Preparing to Take the Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam

This past week at the OpenStack Summit in Austin Texas I had the privilege of speaking about what it takes to prepare for the OpenStack Foundation’s new Certified OpenStack Administrator exam.


Announcing The Certified OpenStack Administrator Prep Course

Last October at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, the OpenStack Foundation announced that it was releasing an official OpenStack Administrator exam.


Understanding Keystone Endpoints

(OpenStacks Identity Service) OpenStack Identity (Keystone) provides a central directory of users mapped to the OpenStack services they can access.

Amazon Web Services

Getting started with Amazon's new Zocalo

A few days ago Amazon announced that they were to release there new application stack called Zocalo.

Amazon Web Services

OpenVPN, OpenSwan, and AWS VPC

The last week or so I have been working on the content of Linux Academy’s new Hybrid AWS Technologies course.  Going through the OpenVPN and OpenSwan lessons I thought it to be the perfect opportunity to talk a little bit about how awesome these open source VPN solutions are.

Amazon Web Services

How To Study For AWS Certifications

One of the most frequently asked questions by our students is “How do I study for the an AWS exam?” and “Which exam should I take?” Here I hope to help create some clarity around the AWS exams and the best way to prepare for exams.