New Live Lab!™: Resizing Or Changing A Root EBS Volume

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of our newest AWS self-paced and hands-on Live Lab!™, Resizing Or Changing A Root EBS Volume.

This lab is a standalone lab which means you can take it without it being part of a course. It was created to go along with our AWS Certified SysOps – Associate Level certification prep course. While we were learning about monitoring and performance metrics as they relate to AWS and more specifically EBS we thought it would be helpful to learn how to change EBS volume type from SSD to Provisioned IOPs and/or increase the partition size which also increases the base rate IOPs for your volume.

The lab is one hour long and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes! Not only is the lab guide available for download for your own personal notes and future reference, we also provide a video for the Live Lab!™ in the AWS Certified SysOps – Associate Level course.

Reducing Our AWS and Linux Self Paced Lab Cooldown!

We are happy to announce the immediate reduction of our Amazon Web Services and Linux Self-Paced labs cooldown! The Previous lab cooldown took one day before the lab was available again to be used. We have upgraded our system to allow for one hour cooldowns. Members now have the ability to take the same lab up to 24 times in a day and can take as many different labs they want in a single day. We are very excited for this feature and a few new ones coming soon! If you haven’t already done so, take a look at our available self-paced Live Labs!™

OpenVPN, OpenSwan, and AWS VPC

The last week or so I have been working on the content of Linux Academy’s new Hybrid AWS Technologies course.  Going through the OpenVPN and OpenSwan lessons I thought it to be the perfect opportunity to talk a little bit about how awesome these open source VPN solutions are.

If you’ve gone through any of our AWS courses at the Linux Academy you probably already know that Amazon VPC has built-in functionality that you can use to utilize in order to connect your on-premise network to your VPC instances on the Amazon cloud. But if you’re a business that already uses OpenVPN or an OpenSwan VPN server at your on-premise networks then today I want to talk a little bit about connecting those two environments.

We've been busy at the Linux Academy!

At the Linux Academy, helping our student master their skills and expand their knowledge is our number one goal. We’ve recently kicked things into high gear! Today I’d like to tell you some great new features we have been working on, and some special treats we have for you in the coming months.

New Features

We’ve had some excellent suggestions from our users, and we’ve been listening! You’ve been asking for an alternative method to subscribe besides PayPal. I’m happy to announced that we have just finished a major rewrite to our subscription system, and we are now able to accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as payment options.

You’ve also been asking us to give you the ability to hide the answers to labs. We’ll that is very studious of you! We are currently in the process of rewriting all the labs to include this feature.


How To Study For AWS Certifications


One of the most frequently asked questions by our students is “How do I study for the an AWS exam?” and “Which exam should I take?” Here I hope to help create some clarity around the AWS exams and the best way to prepare for exams. In our next post I’ll talk about which exam you should take. After all do SysAdmins need to take the developer cert? (The answer to that is yes, but this is a teaser for our next post). At the Linux Academy we have crafted a pretty unique prep course for each one of these exams. We know that everyone learns differently and personally I’m a strong believer that to truly “learn” a concept not just “memorize questions to pass an exam” you need more than one learning method and you need to practice, hands on in a real environment.


Infographic: Linux and Amazon Web Services Jobs Growth


It’s a great time to be working in cloud computing with the Linux operating system and Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform. Take a look below at our info graphic detailing the Linux and Amazon Web Services jobs in demand for the foreseeable future. This hot field is greatly expanding due to new cloud providers and services such as Amazon Web Services and their fast pace innovation on their cloud computing platform.



If your looking for Amazon Web Services training or certification training you can check out our Linux and Amazon Web Services certification training material at Already training but looking for jobs? Check out Linux job site Linux Career for job listing.