Azure DocumentDB is Now Cosmos DB: A Global Scale, Flexible NoSQL Database

One of the big announcements at Microsoft Build 2017 is Cosmos DB, a new NoSQL database service from Azure that aims to provide a globally scaled, high-performance NoSQL data store.


Microsoft Build: Azure Adds Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL

A significant announcement at Microsoft Build 2017 was support for MySQL and PostgreSQL as a service.


Microsoft Build 2017 Announcement Predictions

Microsoft Build 2017 begins on May 10, and major announcements are expected.


April New Content

Our course author team and developers have worked together this month to bring you not only a new course but a whole new category of labs!


Certification Paths for Microsoft Azure

How do you get Azure certified?


About That Steve Ballmer Comment …

Search the Internet for “Microsoft and Linux.” Go ahead; open a new tab and run that term through Bing.


Getting Comfortable with PowerShell – A New Course Series By Linux Academy

The world of IT has been moving towards a new direction.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Announces: C# In Lamba, Step Functions and Lambda@Edge

Amazon announced three major Lambda updates in today’s re:Invent keynote: Support for C#, Lambda@Edge and Step Functions, which are basically a way to chain together several Lambda functions into a single workflow.


Microsoft Azure – Setting Up the CLI and Launching a VM

Microsoft continues to deliver on their promise to embrace open source.