Introducing New Azure Hands-On Labs

At Linux Academy, we have the most extensive learn-by-doing library of cloud training and the largest on-staff training team in the e-learning market.


Black Hat USA, Linux Academy’s next stop.

Linux Academy is officially a sponsor of Black Hat USA.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Summit New York-Review

If you’re still rubbing your eyes and desperately brewing that second cup of coffee, know that we are right there with you.

Behind the Scenes

Kicking Off Summer Together as a Company

Linux Academy has grown immensely over the past year, so we decided to celebrate and kick off summer together as a company!

Linux Academy

The Month of July: Monthly Update 7-1-2019

Welcome to the first Weekly Update of July and the overview for the month We’ve got a lot coming up, so make sure to keep an eye out so that you don’t miss a thing.

Behind the Scenes

Employee Spotlight – Alex Lozada, Product Designer

The Linux Academy product team is a huge reason we are the #1 learn-by-doing multicloud training platform.


Learn by Doing: Linux Hands-On Training Courses

Linux is everywhere and even powers most of the cloud.

Amazon Web Services

Learn AWS by Doing with New AWS Hands-On Training!

AWS is one of the fastest growing cloud service platforms offered today.


Learn Azure by Doing with New Azure Training!

Ready to solidify your Azure skills by doing?