Linux Academy Weekly Roundup #1

If you’ve seen our Live Shows, view our blog, or keep up with our website, you’ll know a lot is going on at the Linux Academy lately, so make things a little more accessible we’ll be making weekly posts rounding up new content, new podcasts, and new features we’ve released this past week.


Linux Academy Live Show and Announcements

For those of you who missed last week’s Live Show, it is now live on YouTube!


Introducing: Cloud Cadet

To bring more ways to learn to Linux Academy, we are pleased to announce our newest frontier: Podcasting.

Amazon Web Services

Introducing Practice Exams v2.0!

We’d like to take the time to announce an exciting new feature that is now available on!


CentOS 7: kernel

Along with all the requisite package and application upgrades that came along with CentOS 7, probably the largest upgrade was the move to the Linux Kernel 3.1 tree.


Learning Docker: An Exciting New Course at!

We have covered virtualization at length both in this space as well as at Linux Academy in the past.


Linux Multimedia: Using Handbrake for Media Conversions

Multimedia on Linux has gone from being a giant pain to being more powerful than any other operating system, including the vaunted Multimedia powerhouse Apple OSX.


Understanding Keystone Endpoints

(OpenStacks Identity Service) OpenStack Identity (Keystone) provides a central directory of users mapped to the OpenStack services they can access.


Git and Gitlab: From Start to Finish

Although there is a plethora of Source and Revision Control options around today, only one was created by our favorite Linux author Mr.