NTFS Partition Repair and Recovery In Linux

Once again we find ourselves in the unenviable position of bailing out one of our Windows friends/family/acquaintances/business associates or other assorted persons.


Linux Desktop: Alternative Disk Layouts

Installing Linux on the desktop has largely become a “no brainer”.


Graphic Artist uses GIMP to Visualize KSR's Red Mars

Graphic artist Ludovic Celle has been an open source convert for about 10 years.


Preparing For The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level Exam

Amazon Web Services has done nothing short of disrupting the traditional data center paradigm.


My Favorite Linux Tools for Windows

Let’s face it, no matter how much we wish that it weren’t true or how much we try to avoid it, we all have to use Windows some time.


The Cron Daemon

Scheduling Recurring Tasks on Linux Using Cron Cron is a daemon used to schedule any kind of task you can imagine.  It is useful to send out emails on system or program statistics, do regular system maintenance, make backups, or do any task you can think of.  There are similar programs on other Operating Systems.  […]


Linux: SSH Tunneling, Port Redirection and Security

At this point, we can say that using telnet as a means of accessing servers is effectively dead.


What I Learned At The Linux Academy

This is a great opportunity provided by the Linux Academy and for me, especially is beneficial, as my primary role is in windows environment and time and again, I need to manage or am pulled in to manage Linux environments.


Linux: GRUB Bootloader

Most of us simply install our favorite distribution, accepting many/most of the defaults, including the boot loader setup, without a second thought.


IPv4: DeMystified

We all ‘know’ what an IP address is and what it’s significance in the age of the internet is.