The Linux Academy Show and Giveaway!

I’m excited to finally announce, The Linux Academy Show and Giveaway!


CentOS 7: Upgrading from CentOS 6.x In Place

One of the newest things added to CentOS 7 is the capability to do an in place upgrade of CentOS 6.x to CentOS 7.

Amazon Web Services

Reducing Our AWS and Linux Self Paced Lab Cooldown!

We are happy to announce the immediate reduction of our Amazon Web Services and Linux Self-Paced labs cooldown!


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Customizing Unity

Although the Unity Desktop Manager has made HUGE performance and usability strides since the initial release in Ubuntu 11.10, some people are still put off by a number of the limitations in customizing the look and behavior of the window manager.


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Codecs and Multimedia Updates

As part of the new LTS version from Ubuntu, some of the more “long standing” ways of doing things have changed just a bit.


Development updates!

Today I’d just like to give some updates on some of the stuff we’ve been working on at the Linux Academy.


Ubuntu 14.04: Hardware Compatibility Updates

As Ubuntu moves more and more spiritually away from being another “Linux” Distribution (check their site, the word Linux is not to be found, they have changed the language to refer to themselves as “the world’s most popular open source desktop operating system” instead), they continue to make efforts in certifying hardware from various vendors […]


Linux and Oracle JDK: Add or Install

Although all distributions of Linux have access to a purely open source “Java” for application support and basic Java development (called OpenJDK with the IcedTea Java Compiler), we all know that there are certain pieces of the full JDK that are missing or have yet to be reverse engineered and release as purely open source.


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Major Application Updates

Over the last few weeks, we have been talking about the first new LTS version from Ubuntu in two years and some of the major changes to the operating system that you can expect to see once you take the plunge.