Introducing Learning Plans: A new look on self-paced learning from the Linux Academy

At the Linux Academy, our goal is to create not only the best content to help you pass your Linux and Cloud certifications, but also the best tools to help you stay engaged and focused.


CentOS 7: Take the Plunge into SystemD

CentOS 7, along with Kernel, Desktop, package and application changes galore, has taken the “Fedora” and “Debian” plunge into the deep end and converted daemon and service management from the older “service or /etc/init.d” paradigm into the “systemd” end of the pool.


Linux Multimedia: Using Audacity to Remove Background Noise

Video isn’t the only media that Linux has made great strides in.


CentOS 7: An Introduction

Like our series of ongoing articles on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, we are starting a series of articles on the recently released CentOS 7 distribution.


The Linux Academy Show and Giveaway!

I’m excited to finally announce, The Linux Academy Show and Giveaway!


CentOS 7: Upgrading from CentOS 6.x In Place

One of the newest things added to CentOS 7 is the capability to do an in place upgrade of CentOS 6.x to CentOS 7.

Amazon Web Services

Reducing Our AWS and Linux Self Paced Lab Cooldown!

We are happy to announce the immediate reduction of our Amazon Web Services and Linux Self-Paced labs cooldown!


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Customizing Unity

Although the Unity Desktop Manager has made HUGE performance and usability strides since the initial release in Ubuntu 11.10, some people are still put off by a number of the limitations in customizing the look and behavior of the window manager.


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Codecs and Multimedia Updates

As part of the new LTS version from Ubuntu, some of the more “long standing” ways of doing things have changed just a bit.