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BTS: Interop ITX 2017

Here at Linux Academy, we create course content day-in and day-out, but that isn’t all we do!  We are genuinely passionate about our students and want all of them to succeed!  While our Course Authors do work very hard to provide students with updated, quality content, they are also available for when students have questions.  In fact, we’ve created a community where you can interact with other fellow students, which continues to grow with each passing day.  Part of the reason why we love what we do here is being able to meet and interact with all of our students (current or future!), especially face-to-face.

Recently, the Linux Academy team went to Interop ITX in Vegas and got to meet many students, here are some highlights: (more…)

Behind the scenes

Employee Spotlight: Derek Morgan, Course Author

Ever wonder who the voice behind your videos is?  This month, we interviewed our Course Author, Derek Morgan.  Get to know him a little better:

1. What do you do at Linux Academy?

I have been a Course Author for a little over 6 months. I am responsible for the “Deploying to AWS with Ansible and Terraform” and “AWS Certified Networking Specialty” courses. I am also responsible for several networking-related guides in the community.

2. What did you do before this?

Before Linux Academy, I worked for a Managed Service Provider providing services to high-profile clients. Before that, I worked at a hosting company, providing tier 2 support for Linux and Windows servers.

3. What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy learning new things, running, climbing, biking, and pretty much anything else to stay active. (more…)

Behind the scenes

Hi. I’m Kevin James.

No, I am not the actor.  I get that a lot though.  I am one of your course authors here at Linux Academy.

Let me say straight out, I love working in IT.  It has taken me around the world and allowed me to meet lots of great people and learn many new things.

I have been working in IT for a little over 30 years and I still love what I do.  It’s a field that continually changes over time and I feel just keeps getting better.  It’s a field that has allowed me to travel and work in other countries and meet lots of people and help companies grow and change over time.

When I first started, back as a student.  I learned how to create programs using cards and pencils (I am so glad that didn’t last long) and then moved to green screen terminals and computers with core memory.  My first computer system I worked with and learned on was a Digital PDP-11/70, which was at the school I attended to learn about computers.


Behind the scenes

Employee Spotlight: Terry Cox

What do you do at Linux Academy?

Director of Content, Terry Cox
Director of Content, Terry Cox

I’m the Director of Content for Linux and DevOps. I am responsible for producing content in the Linux and DevOps arena as well as leading a team of content authors that are doing the same thing. I have actually been with Linux Academy more than four years (the first three as a part-time content author) and joined as a full-time employee in December of 2015. (more…)

Linux Academy

A Year to Remember

Student Success!

We got to celebrate so much student success this past year! You shared more than 1,037 exam passes with us, and over 27 of you let us know about your new jobs. All of us here at Linux Academy are excited to see how your hard work will continue to pay off in 2017.

“It’s been a lucky end of the year for me, since I graduated AND my internship turned into a permanent position. It’s been kind of funny, we haven’t been using AWS pretty much at all at work…but the Linux skills have been incredibly useful. I’ve seen other courses on different websites that teach pretty much just for the tests/certifications, and I’ve been happy that LA teaches for the real-world utilization of skills instead. It’s made a big difference.”
– Jessica V.


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Join the Team!

Linux Academy is growing, and we want you to grow with us! We are a tight-knit team that’s open, collaborative and, above all, puts the student first. If you think you’re a good fit, check out We’re hiring for the following positions:

* Don’t live in the DFW area? No worries! Instructor positions are telecommuter-friendly.

Behind the scenes

Making a Difference at Linux Academy

Content creator and Linux Academy instructor, Terry Cox, shares his experience working at Linux Academy.

This will not be your typical post here on Linux Academy. However, I hope you will still learn something.

A Special Thanks

I wanted to take a moment and say a special thank you to our community of students and everyone else at Linux Academy. No, this is not a farewell, just a time to appreciate everyone enabling me to be a part of something like Linux Academy.

Very few times in our lives are we presented with an opportunity like the one I have here. Throughout the majority of my career, I have held a variety of positions: From entry level application developer to the management of large engineering teams. As a result, my responsibilities have been varied and have not always aligned with my passions or interests. This is pretty status quo for anyone, particularly in Information Technology.

Then I joined Linux Academy; part time at first, because of the popularity and demand for the service at the price point we offer. Suddenly, I was able to participate in a like-minded community of technology professionals and those new to the industry. Now, I had an opportunity to work on things I was passionate about as well as be part of a large group with perspectives that ran the gamut of Linux, AWS, Open Source and even Windows. (more…)