Behind the scenes

Making a Difference at Linux Academy

Content creator and Linux Academy instructor, Terry Cox, shares his experience working at Linux Academy.

This will not be your typical post here on Linux Academy. However, I hope you will still learn something.

A Special Thanks

I wanted to take a moment and say a special thank you to our community of students and everyone else at Linux Academy. No, this is not a farewell, just a time to appreciate everyone enabling me to be a part of something like Linux Academy.

Very few times in our lives are we presented with an opportunity like the one I have here. Throughout the majority of my career, I have held a variety of positions: From entry level application developer to the management of large engineering teams. As a result, my responsibilities have been varied and have not always aligned with my passions or interests. This is pretty status quo for anyone, particularly in Information Technology.

Then I joined Linux Academy; part time at first, because of the popularity and demand for the service at the price point we offer. Suddenly, I was able to participate in a like-minded community of technology professionals and those new to the industry. Now, I had an opportunity to work on things I was passionate about as well as be part of a large group with perspectives that ran the gamut of Linux, AWS, Open Source and even Windows. (more…)

Behind the scenes

Improving the Linux Academy Experience

In our first behind the scenes feature, UX/UI designer John Bryan discusses his passion for user experience and how he’s applying it to Linux Academy.

My first job working with computers right out of college was pretty awesome. I was working in Technical Support for a small software company, telling old ladies how to find the spacebar and walking users through the simplest tasks imaginable. Not the dream job that college students imagine while sitting in class — being out in San Francisco, pushing the boundaries of tech in a small startup, making a ton of cash, and having a super interesting personal life. But I came away with something valuable from this time. I began to understand truly what a user’s experience was: Everything from how a user interacts with a piece of machinery to how they interact with software user interfaces. I began to recognize the value of things that were “user-friendly” and started looking for ways I could improve the experience of the people I spoke to every day. This is what kicked off my career in User Experience and User Interface design. (more…)