Month of Success: September 2018

Summer might be over, but there’s still plenty of things to celebrate – such as these 113 student passes and 3 reported new jobs!

Month of Success: August 2018

We ended August with 120 reported student passes!

Month of Success: July 2018

In July, Linux Academy students studied hard, got hands-on with their learning, and put their skills to work by passing 91 exams!

Month of Success – June 2018

We welcomed summer with 87 student passed and 1 new job reported!

Month of Success

Month of Success: May 2018

This month we had 123 amount of student passes and 4 new jobs, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Month of Success – April 2018

April was yet another exciting month for our students with 102 reported student passes!

Month of Success – March 2018

We ended March with an amazing 123 passes and four students announcing new jobs!

Month of Success – February 2018

This February, we had 123 reported student passes, and one student announce a new job!