Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 88

Celebrate student success with Linux Academy!

Halloween Pumpkin Contest 2017

We’re not sure if we mentioned this to you before, but we here at Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments really enjoy the holiday season.

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 87

Celebrate student success with Linux Academy!

Behind the Scenes

Workplace Highlight: Spooktacular Office

Happy Friday from Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments!


Manisha Sule, 2017 Women in Technology Honoree

The 2017 Women in Technology Awards honors tech leaders across diverse industries in the vibrant North Texas business community.

Behind the Scenes

Employee Spotlight: Trent Hayes, AWS Course Author

If you didn’t get a chance to read it yet, we got to hear Trent Hayes’ story about his connection between tech and education and how this connection has influenced his learning journey. Here’s a little more about him outside of work!

Month of Success – September 2017

Welcome October by celebrating the 105 student passes (and one job announcement) we had in September!

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 86

Celebrate student success with Linux Academy!