Amazon Web Services

Cloud Cadet Episode 6: Preparing for AWS Certifications

In the newest episode of Cloud Cadet, Christophe talks to fellow host and Linux Academy founder and instructor Anthony.


Introducing Pipelines for Linux Academy Enterprise!

Linux Academy Enterprise just keeps getting better for teams!

Server Labs – Now in Asia!

As part of our effort to continue to add value for our students, we have launched the ability to use our server lab with lab servers in the Asia region!


Take Your Internet On The Go With Hot Spots

A few years ago I could only dream of being able to take the internet with me wherever I went, affordably that is.


How To Fix Your iPhone 5 Battery – Really

When the iPhone 5 was launched, the phone was supposed to be bigger and have a longer lasting battery.


How To Change Your Mac OS X Computer Name

Changing the computer name in OSX is really simple.


So You Got A New Mac: Here's Some Tips & Tricks

So you got a new Mac for Christmas, or maybe just because.


How to get video to show in html5 on IOS devices

I like many other people encountered this error message while visiting the dashboard Due to changes in how IE9 interprets our iOS embed codes, iOS compatibility has been disabled for new embeds.