New Docker Online Training Tool

Welcome back to 150+ Month! We’re so excited to announce more of our 150 content releases during July: a new Docker online training tool.

Everyone’s talking about Docker these days, and we’ve made it really easy to find out why. Learn more about Docker here, check out our Docker online training Courses, and explore our new Docker Containers Quest below. Are you up for it?



Docker online training - Containers Quest

Docker Containers Quest

with Treva

Embark on the Docker Containers Quest to practice your skills and gain hands-on experience through this scenario:

In a galaxy very, very, very, far away, there lived a colony of happy, but hungry, beings on a planet known as SpaceBones. Once a land of plenty, an increasing population of Good Boys & Good Girls has depleted the planet’s treat reserves, leaving only dry kibble and the occasional canned wet food to eat. Oh, the horror!

President Squawk has grown weary of the righteous chorus of meows, barks, chirps, moos, and various gurgles (from seabound residents) demanding compensation for their good behavior. The President has decided to send a plea to his neighbors on the planet Droolidia in hopes that the wealthy nation will share a bit of their impressive snack stash. To facilitate the exchange, President Squawk has requested that we assemble a team, containing the best of the best, to create a containerized web communication system that will be used to message the Droolidian leadership.

docker containers quest


In order to qualify for the team, you must first complete a series of tasks to prove your skill. Do you think you’re up to it?

Sign up here to embark on this Quest.


Other Docker online training Courses:

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