jQuery Mobile Theme Roller

It’s here! The much anticipated jQuery Mobile Theme Roller! You’ve seen our previous screencasts about building custom mobile themes for jQuery Mobile. Now you can do it without even looking at CSS code. jQuery Mobile Theme Roller is a very easy to use intuitive web application. It comes pre-built with theme swatches from Adobe Kuller. Take a look at this quick screencast that will get you from default theme to your custom jQuery Mobile theme in no time.

8 thoughts on “jQuery Mobile Theme Roller

  1. Hey Anthony
    Thanks for your review/tutorial was really helpful but…. :-))

    I have a problem with the Themeroller (TR) and that is this: i have a contact form with a submit button, now no matter what i do this submit button will not change into the color i want it to when i use TR… it stays gray… is there anything i can do about that?



  2. It is not without bug though.
    For example, if you try to import the standard theme (http://code.jquery.com/mobile/1.0/jquery.mobile-1.0.min.css) into ThemeRoller, it no longer lets you perform any customization. On top of that, if you try to create new swatch, the default theme gets messed up.

    Worst of all, it won’t even let you change the name of the swatch. (i.e. if you like to use the default a~e swatches, and then append a new custom swatch f, tough road ahead…)

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