Are you interested in learning Linux at the Linux Academy? You might be wondering what you will learn at the Linux Academy. Below is an outline of the available courses coming to the Linux Academy. Ready to start learning Linux? Head to the Linux Academy!

  • Introduction to Linux & understanding the command line
    • Root user, sudo users and managing users & user groups
    • Navigating Linux & the file system
    • Logs & more file management tools
    • File permissions
    • Cron jobs
    • Apt-get & DPKG package management
    • Managing Linux processes

  • Managing software on Debian-based systems
    • Apt-cache package management
    • Apt-get command set
    • DPKG command set
    • Summary & overview of aptitude & dselect

  • Managing files and the file system

  • Learn to edit files like a Linux pro with VI

  • Understanding the Linux boot process

  • Managing system time

  • Understanding log files and log file maintenance

  • Understanding Linux networking

  • Tuning user environment

  • Beginning Linux/shell scripting

  • Installing and configuring BIND9 DNS server

  • Installing and administrating MySQL

  • MySQL administration

  • Linux security
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