A few weeks ago, Linux Academy introduced Learning Pipelines.  We are pleased to announce that this feature has gotten a significant upgrade and has been renamed to Learning Paths!

New Features for Admins

Inserting Sections into a Learning Path

By popular demand, we have created the ability for admins to drill down and make specific topics available to their users, rather than assign specific courses.  This will allow you to create with precision the consumable content that your team needs while effectively and efficiently managing the amount of time they need to spend learning.

To add sections to a Learning Path, you will see a new button:


You can add sections exactly how you would add courses, assessments or quizzes.  After clicking this button, you will first choose the topic, then choose what course you’d like the section to come from.


Basic User Reporting

We’ve also done some preliminary reporting features on this update.  Admins can now see a user’s progress as a percentage within a Learning Path.  First, navigate to the Learning Path tab.  Click on the Learning Path to the left that you are interested in.  At the bottom, you will see your user’s progress through the Learning Path.


Watch for updated and expanded reporting features in the near future!

Deleting a Learning Plan

We’ve also given you the ability to delete a Learning Plan.  To do this, a Learning Plath must have a course, section, assessment or quiz added to it.  An empty Learning Plan cannot be deleted.  If there is content in the Learning Plan, a Delete button will appear at the bottom.


New Features for Users

Progress Bar and Multiple Learning Plans

We’ve expanded the presence of Learning Plans on a user’s dashboard.  With this new update, a user can get a quick glance of their progress through a Learning Plath as a percentage, view the Learning Plath by clicking the name, or jump straight into the next lesson by clicking Continue.


Note: If a completion percentage does not seem to be updating, be sure to click on the Learning Plan View by clicking its name.  This will force the percentage to recalculate.

Learning Plan View

The Learning Plan View can be accessed by clicking its name on the Dashboard.  This will show you what courses, sections, assessments or quizzes have been assigned on a particular Learning Plath.  Additionally, you will be able to view your progress through each portion of the Learning Plath.3



Thank you for reading!  Watch for more updates on Linux Academy soon!

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