tmux cheat sheet v2

tmux Cheat Sheet

tmux is a terminal multiplexer that allows users to run multiple virtual terminals inside a single window. tmux provides users with a series of command line, interactive, and vi-like commands to navigate through their virtual terminals with ease. But new users may find tmux‘s interface confusing or hard to grasp. Well, we at Linux Academy have your back once more with our newest cheat sheet for tmux! Click on it below to view the full-size graphic!

Get a printer-friendly version with black text and a white background here!

Elle K

Elle is a technical writer and Linux aficionado at Linux Academy.

2 thoughts on “tmux Cheat Sheet

  1. Very good cheat sheet guys!

    It would be very good, if you also include “most cool” keybinding:

    Ctrl + B + W – List windows


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