It is our mission to support you in your mission to learn and grow, so we launched over 70 new Courses, Challenges, and Learning Activities in April (including hands-on labs, interactive diagrams, a new Practice Exams system, and more).

We put your success first, and so as promised, we’ll be launching even more content next month in July. In fact, we’ll be releasing over 150 new courses and hands-on content, OUR BIGGEST CONTENT LAUNCH IN HISTORY. This includes some of the most highly requested training such as Azure, Linux, and updates to AWS courses, as well as content in our newest pillar, security! Here’s a sneak peek at some of that content that we have coming for you:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect 2018
  • SaltStack Certification
  • Red Hat Certificate of Expertise In Virtualization
  • Red Hat Certificate of Expertise In Ansible
  • Red Hat Certified Architect Full Support
  • AWS Security Speciality Certification
  • Lambda Deep Dive
  • Azure 70-532
  • Azure 70-533
  • Azure 70-535
With so much more to announce! The best thing about this is that all of our upcoming cloud courses are fully-packed with hands-on labs and interactive diagrams like these:
So if you’re serious about learning and developing your Linux and cloud skills, we provide Cloud Servers and live cloud environments for you to take your training to the next level by applying what you’re learning on real servers and with real resources.
 Become a lifelong learner in the best community, start your 7-day free trial today and learn something new in minutes.
Additionally, we want to focus everybody on the same mission of helping each other learn and grow, so we’re on the lookout for random acts of helpfulness in the community this month. Whether they’re contributing in the community, motivating others, giving tips/advice, writing blog posts, creating how-to guides, or anything else that would help the community out, we’re praising the most helpful student with a surprise treat! Join our amazing community of Linux & cloud experts on a mission to change the world!
P.S. Did you know that we have the largest Google Cloud content on this planet?

We’ve got a huge giveaway coming up and lots to celebrate as we approach our content release, so we hope you’ll join our team! Stay tuned for more details. We can’t wait to have all of you along for our live show again! Christmas is coming early this year! 😉

7 responses to “Christmas in July: Over 150 New Ways to Train”

  1. D says:

    An excellent service you provide! There is a huge need for learning resources in these areas. Thankful that I can take part in this experience!

  2. I am a believer. I also know that I and my network will be in working relationship with LinuxAcademy in the coming years and for a long time, delivering hands on technology know how to under served communities for as long as LA is pumping out quality content. There is so much to commend this portal for. Thank you guys for this life enhancing pipeline.Wow!

  3. Alan Diaz says:

    Great news! I’ve been really enjoying and learning a ton in the AWS CDA 2018 course taught by Fernando Medina Corey. Keep up the great work. I’ll be checking out all the google cloud content after passing my CDA 🙂

  4. Rahul Grover says:

    Thanks guys for the amazing list of updates mentioned above. Personally, I am looking forward to Security Specialty and Lambda Deep Dive. Can’t thank you enough for the amazing content you’ve made available to the software engineering community.

  5. Diran Amao says:

    This is indeed Christmas in July!!! What a splendid opportunity to learn and immerse in these technologies!! Thanks to LinuxAcademy for the excellent job!!

  6. Chad Crowell says:

    So exciting!! Christmas in July for sure!

  7. Craig Luke says:

    I’m impressed with the level of innovation I see on Linux Academy. Keep up the good work. Just hoping you update your AWS professional level courses with the new diagrams. Hoping to see more new Chef and ruby stuff too.

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