Linux Academy is honored and excited to partner with Honor Courage Commitment to support them in their mission to empower veterans through education, mentoring, and community service.

Through the Veteran Cloud Career Training Program, we strive to change veterans’ lives through high-quality online cloud training that will help them learn new skills, get certified, and advance their careers. By learning in-demand cloud skills, they will be positioned for success in a thriving technology career.

Each participating veteran will have access to over 1,200 hours of in-depth video content, labs, flash cards, and hands-on training in Linux, AWS, DevOps, Big Data, OpenStack, and more! They’ll join our community of over 300,000 students learning and growing from over 65 countries. Our full-time expert instructors will be available to mentor, advise, and answer questions to help participating veterans stay on track to advancing their career or finding a new job.

We can’t wait to start training Honor Courage Commitment’s veterans!



About Honor Courage Commitment

Honor Courage Commitment’s objective is to empower the best and brightest military talent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Through training and mentoring, the organization is equipping veterans to redefine their sense of purpose.

Over 380,000 veterans currently live in the 13 counties which comprise the North Texas region; and as a nation, the public expense to train and develop these service men and women as the greatest military in the world costs the U.S. billions of dollars.

Honor Courage Commitment returns the societal investment in military service members by integrating veteran talent into local economies as business owners, community leaders, and professionals. In so doing, the ultimate goal is to produce veteran leaders for the civilian sector as well as generate more jobs and support more programs for the 240,000 – 300,000 veterans who transition out of military service annually.

Find out more about Honor Courage Commitment or make a donation.


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