In this screencast we will learn how to add event listeners to our appcelerator tableview. Our goal will be to pass information to a new window when a row within the tableview is clicked or selected. That new window will query our SQLite table and display some information from the SQLite Database and in the window.

7 responses to “Appcelerator SQLite Part 3: Adding Events & Passing Data With Tableview”

  1. Bob says:

    Thanks for the Titanium videos. They’re very good.

    Not sure I understand how you setup the qk.db database.
    The table is called quotes.
    Does it contain 3 field names: name,id and quote?

    • Anthony James says:

      Sure, have you watched video 1 yet? qk.db does have a table named quotes with the name id and quote in it. The name is the author, the id is the id of the quote, and of course the quote is the quote.

      I can provide the source files for you if it would help.

  2. William says:

    Thanks for the tutorials – they are great. They really helped me wrap my head around developing with Titanium.

    Don’t know if you’re looking for suggestions for future tutorials, but I would love to know how account login info is stored or accessed. Hopefully I didn’t miss where you already covered this, but if not that’d be great for me.

    • Anthony James says:

      Account login for which part of the app? Accessing the data over the network or logging into the app? Are you looking for an app that allows the user to login?


      • William says:

        Yes, I think accessing their data over the network.

        I am developing a mobile app to go with my web app. I don’t want to loose all of the code I’ve done in PHP, so I’m thinking that I can use Titanium and your tutorials on remote data, XML/RSS and the httpClient function to access a lot of that code and run those php scripts.

        I’m thinking that I can use a local db to have user input their subdomain and login info. But how do I send this information to the web and receive things like cookies and sessions? Can I set an account id as a global variable?

  3. Trisha says:


    Can you please help me understand Windows a bit better?
    I see that each time you click on a name, it creates a new window.
    Does this window ever “die”? Or over time can the number of windows that exist keep growing and growing?

    When would you want to use and window.close() … and why?

  4. Gabor says:

    Thank you for the tutorials.

    Waiting for next ones.

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