It’s time to move into some action with our Appcelerator series. In this screencast your going to learn how to create buttons. Not just regular buttons on the window, but also button bars, system buttons, header/title bar buttons and more! Once we create those buttons we will learn how to add event listeners to make those buttons perform actions when clicked.

6 responses to “Appcelerator Titanium | Making Buttons And Adding Events”

  1. victor says:

    great tuts can you please make more

  2. Gary says:

    your titanium tutorials are soooooooo helpful
    thank you so much

  3. Gary says:

    something to do with geo location would be great or even some sort of game development within titanium …..
    do you have any other videos planned?
    thanks again

  4. Please add more videos like this…

  5. Roe says:

    Great tutorials series, I have actually gone through a few video tutorials (Lynda, Appcelerator Docs) and your the only person that actually broke the concepts down making the code easy to understand.

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