We are calling this screencast a hack because jQuery Mobile doesn’t have its own method to create a split view. The closest solution allows you to create grids, which is what we covered in this screencast. In this screencast we are going to look at the jquerymobile.com source and grab the CSS that is created on the jQuery Mobile Docs to create the split view. Of course, just as jQuery Mobile did, you can create your own CSS for your apps. However, we are going to just copy the source and implement into a simple app for a quick solution.

7 responses to “Hack: Creating A Tablet Split View For jQuery Mobile”

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for this!

  2. Michelle says:

    And what text editor do you recommend?

  3. Niccu says:

    Hi anthony, Is this same with the documentation page on Jquery mobile where you resize the browser to a mobile size and the left column with be on the of the right column?

    If I didn’t make sense, you can check my post here in the forum on JQuery cuz it has an image there of the goal I need to achieve: http://forum.jquery.com/topic/grid-layout#14737000003415848

  4. priya says:

    Awesome tutorial!! Can u please explain navigation?? if i click a list item, content should be displayed on the right side.

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