Build Your Own Linux

Build Your Own Linux… From Scratch

Build your own Linux… from scratch. I can hear you thinking: “Build my own Linux… ok. But from scratch? Like a cake?!” Rest assured, no baked goods are produced (or harmed) in this course.

But it is possible to build a Linux distro a la “The Cake Boss” — using a bit from this can, that box, this jar. Assuming things fit together and work properly, the problem with this process are the limitations inherent in working with pre-packaged components. Don’t want wheat in your cake? If there’s no pre-packaged gluten-free cake mix, you’re out of luck. In much the same fashion, if you want userland binaries or the Kernel built (a) with (or without) certain features, (b) to fit into a pre-determined space, (c) optimized for a specific CPU…well, if you can’t find a box on the shelf, so to speak, you’re also out of luck, unless… (more…)

AWS Shield

AWS Announces: AWS Shield – A Linux Academy Closer Look

To say that RE:Invent was a shocking revelation for many 3rd party vendors/integrators/developers would be an understatement. However, this has become the norm when it comes to Amazon’s Cloud offering, AWS. Holding an annual convention for the past 5 years, they have redefined what it means to add features and react to an ever-changing and challenging market during this age of IT innovation and disruptive tech.

As CEO of AWS, Andy Jassy, said during the first keynote, “We are iterating at a faster clip than anybody.” From 280 significant features in 2008, to now over 1000 significant features, yielding an average of just around 3 new features a day, AWS truly has set a new standard in what it means to speak to your customers needs.

In line with the tradition at the annual RE:Invent, AWS announced a slew of new features and services to speak to their customer’s needs and progress an idea they have dubbed as “being transformers” in an ever-changing and adapting IT landscape.

Part of the focus during the keynotes revolved on how customers are demanding specifically what is being done to ensure that certain security measures are in place guaranteeing that their usage of AWS Services will not result in an increase of risk/attack vectors. In response to these customer demands and to bolster their offerings, AWS has announced the general availability of AWS Shield.



Flash Cards and Social Systems

Not long ago, we released our flash card beta for the Linux Academy: Students could create flash cards to study from right on the website. But as we know, betas are never the final version of something, and our flash cards have evolved into something much more. Make no mistake: They still function as digital flash cards, but a social aspect has now been added, as well as a more user-friendly system with which to study. (more…)