How To Fix Your iPhone 5 Battery – Really

When the iPhone 5 was launched, the phone was supposed to be bigger and have a longer lasting battery. But, that’s not exactly what happened. My phone, for instance, has done nothing but drain the battery. I’d notice the battery being dead after only 4 hours of usage, and according to Apple, that shouldn’t be the case. I set out on an adventure to try and solve my iPhone 5 battery issues.



How Apple Maps Spurred Innovation On iOS… For Google

It’s a cutthroat, dog-eat-dog world in the realm of the smart phone. Microsoft has declared war on all smart phones and the bitter battle between Android and iOS fanboys is certainly not declining. Flame wars, cyber bulling, and every other possible online confrontation seems to take place when talking about phone operating systems. It’s a rare win when we can objectivity look at several events and identify innovation that came from a feud.

Tip: Apple Airplay And HTML5 Video Tag

HTML5 has been evolving super fast. Not only that, Apple, the driving force (and owner) of webkit, has been making changes as well. In IOS 4.0 a tag called x-webkit-airplay was needed in order to give controls to the video to airplay stream to an Apple TV.

The exact command needed was x-webkit-airplay=”allow”. By default the x-webkit-airplay was actually set to “disallow.” If you wanted your video to have the ability to use AirPlay and stream to an Apple TV you needed to turn it on or “allow” it with the x-webkit-airplay parameter. However, this changed in IOS 5.0. Apple changed the default behavior of x-webkit-airplay to be x-webkit-airplay=”allow.”

So by default if you’re using the video HTML5 tag it will be able to use AirPlay and stream to an Apple TV. You only need to worry about the parameter x-webkit-ariplay if you want to set x-webkit-airplay=”disallow” and not allow streaming over AirPlay to an Apple TV.

Review: iPhone App TweetBot Impresses

Well, on twitter I posted about liking the new TweetBot iPhone app. I’m actually surprised by the several responses I received asking me why? So thanks to a nudge from @Femme_mal, I’ve decided to write a review of the app!

In summary, I like the app because of its UI and UX. I like how it gives you more detailed information about users, gives you simple access to tweet functions, and discovery of a user’s tweets, lists, replies, and more.



iPhone, iPad, iOS Simulator For OSX

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where to get the iOS simulator that is used in our screencasts. In this quick written tutorial you will learn how to download the iOS simulator, where it is stored on your computer, and how it works. It’s important to note that this only works on OSX computers. Windows simulators probably don’t have the same abilities as the native OSX simulator.