Linux Academy Brings Real World Training to University Curriculums

Today we announce our new education membership pricing packages for current university-level students and professors who wish to supplement classroom learning with hands-on training.

Amazon Web Services

How to Build IAM Policies in AWS

IAM policies are imperative when setting up permissions for your Amazon Web Services resources.

Amazon Web Services

AWS CodePipeline: How to Create a Custom Action

Those who have used CodePipeline, know the benefits of the service and how easy it can be to setup and run a pipeline.

Amazon Web Services

What is High Availability?

Scalability, high availability, containers, fault tolerance and eventual consistency.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Lambda Deep Dive Quizzes

As some of you may have noticed, we recently released the AWS Lambda Deep Dive course.

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SQL or No?: AWS Database Options

Want to know more about the differences between SQL and NoSQL databases?

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SQL or No?: Relational and Non-Relational Databases

Many cloud applications are not complete without a database storing information.

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A Quick Guide to DynamoDB Secondary Indexes

When you create tables in DynamoDB, you must specify primary key attributes.

Cloud Cadet

Cloud Cadet #4: AD and LDAP services within AWS

Welcome to episode four of Cloud Cadet.

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Serverless Architecture

When people aren’t talking about Docker and containers, they’re usually talking about serverless architecture — code that runs without servers.