Amazon Web Services

SQL or No?: AWS Database Options

Want to know more about the differences between SQL and NoSQL databases?

Amazon Web Services

SQL or No?: Relational and Non-Relational Databases

Many cloud applications are not complete without a database storing information.

Amazon Web Services

A Quick Guide to DynamoDB Secondary Indexes

When you create tables in DynamoDB, you must specify primary key attributes.

Cloud Cadet

Cloud Cadet #4: AD and LDAP services within AWS

Welcome to episode four of Cloud Cadet.

Amazon Web Services

Serverless Architecture

When people aren’t talking about Docker and containers, they’re usually talking about serverless architecture — code that runs without servers.

Amazon Web Services

New Course: Active Directory and AWS

With a new month upon us, we’re happy to announce our newest AWS course: Active Directory and Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services

New Year, New Courses!

With the New Year comes new courses from Linux Academy!


Preparing For The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level Exam

Amazon Web Services has done nothing short of disrupting the traditional data center paradigm.


How To Host Static HTML Web Sites With Amazon S3

Sometimes you need to host a static website somewhere.