Behind the scenes

BTS: Interop ITX 2017

Here at Linux Academy, we create course content day-in and day-out, but that isn’t all we do!  We are genuinely passionate about our students and want all of them to succeed!  While our Course Authors do work very hard to provide students with updated, quality content, they are also available for when students have questions.  In fact, we’ve created a community where you can interact with other fellow students, which continues to grow with each passing day.  Part of the reason why we love what we do here is being able to meet and interact with all of our students (current or future!), especially face-to-face.

Recently, the Linux Academy team went to Interop ITX in Vegas and got to meet many students, here are some highlights: (more…)

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Certification Paths for Microsoft Azure

In’s community, we’re periodically asked questions about how best to get certified in Microsoft Azure. Those questions range from what exams are needed and the steps to get certified, through which order the exams should be taken and what students should expect from the exams.

So let’s tackle all those questions here, starting with an overview of the core Azure certification exams.

At this writing, there are three central Azure certification exams. Each of them measures your understanding of Azure from a different viewpoint. (more…)

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Microsoft Azure – Setting Up the CLI and Launching a VM

Microsoft continues to deliver on their promise to embrace open source. With dozens of officially supported Linux distributions and open source services available on their Azure platform, anyone can deploy workloads to their cloud platform regardless of the operating system of choice. Today, we are going to show you how to set up the Microsoft Azure CLI and use it to launch a virtual machine in the cloud. (more…)

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Linux Academy Brings Real World Training to University Curriculums

Today we announce our new education membership pricing packages for current university-level students and professors who wish to supplement classroom learning with hands-on training.

Linux Academy now offers a 3-month membership for only $60 to any current college or university students looking to enhance their IT education. In addition, university-level professors are eligible for a free membership to supplement their curriculum with Linux Academy’s resources for Linux, AWS, OpenStack, DevOps, Azure and Big Data (coming soon). (more…)

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Use the Azure CLI from Linux, Mac or Windows

If you’ve been following the growth and culture changes at Microsoft lately (and we have), you’ve probably noticed a different Microsoft emerging under the new leadership. With that has come an increase in company openness and a set of tools that “play nice” with other platforms. We’ve seen the emergence of “Linux Bash on Windows,” a cross-platform, free, code editor (Visual Studio Code), the open sourcing of .NET, C# language compilers, and ASP.NET and a massive shift toward “coding in the open” on GitHub/Microsoft. Another example is the cross-platform Azure CLI (Command Line Interface).